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A harmonious selection of seasonal flowers handpicked and arranged in The Flower Pavilion's signature style.

A WInter’s Tale

  • Delivery available in Montrose and surrounding areas. Same day delivery is not guaranteed and Monday deliveries unavailability.  Please leave delivery preference in the note box but it cannot be guaranteed.


    When you order a bouquet from The Flower Pavilion you are ordering a bespoke design, no two bouquets are the same.  Some flowers will be changed due to seasonality, availability and quality.  Consideration will also be given to the occasion and recipient.  The photos show an example and the bouquet you receive will contain similar colours and textures and the overall look won't be dissimilar but will be truly unique - created just for you. 


    Sold by Flower Pavilion, Croft Road, Rossie Island, Montrose, DD10 9NL

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